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LBN Medical

15 years of experience within pre-owned medical imaging equipment have enabled our team to offer optimal solutions to our customers.
Our facility in Denmark holds ultrasound systems, CT and MRI scanners, X-ray equipment, and a range of accessories and spare parts.

Our main product range is used systems, but we also offer refurbished systems, both from OEMs due to good partnerships, and directly from our own line of refurbished Siemens ultrasounds. True for both used and refurbished systems is that they are in a great condition, due to the excellent work carried out by our in-house technicians.

We do business worldwide and that is reflected in our international team that speaks more than 20 languages. Our staff counts 45 professionals, based in our office in Aalborg, Denmark.
We all work by our core values: Trustworthiness, respect, and commitment.
For you that means that you can trust our word, and that we understand and respect your challenges and will work hard to get you the equipment that you need at the right price, delivered at the right time.

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