Pioneering Ideas Expected To Become Permanent Tools

The medical imaging industry is currently making huge leaps and bounds forward with regards to superior technology. Being able to provide faster and far more detailed and accurate image analysis is something that will eventually benefit the medical industry when the AI and machine learning technology becomes part and parcel of the whole industry.

The Explorer PET scanner that has just been revealed is able to create detailed 3D imaging faster and safer than the current scanners being used. Alongside this amazing breakthrough and the slow introduction of AI and machine learning into commercial use, the medical imaging industry is pioneering technological developments that will ripple through the rest of the industry.

To cement the idea that AI will soon be an everyday tool in medicine, London will be seeing the construction of a brand new £10mil research centre for AI and Robotics to train the next generation of healthcare professional to be fully capable of utilising the tech. The London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre for Value-Based Healthcare is penned to open in early 2019.

Recognising this huge step forward for the industry was a huge influence in the decision to introduce a dedicated AI and Robotics theatre to the Medical Imaging Convention in 2019 on the 26th and 27th March. Having such a deep focus on this emerging tech will allow visitors to understand where this new technology will be best applied, as well as showing the capabilities in the clear light of day to truly expose the benefits of AI, machine learning and robotics.

The AI & Robotics Theatre will have seminars lead by experts like Dr Hugh Harvey from Kheiron Medical Technologies delving deep into the benefits and pitfalls faced with applying deep learning algorithms into the NHS breast cancer screening programme. Dr Harvey will be speaking alongside the likes of Dr Paul Bentley of Imperial College London discussing how effective AI can be as a tool to help doctors reach a decision with regards to treatments of stroke.

The confirmed build of the London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre will see a deep focus on the improvement of the patient journey thanks to AI. This will be a topic covered at the Medical Imaging Convention as well, with Simon Walker-Samuel from University College London exploring how machine learning can improve the diagnosis of cancer in patients, as well as Dr Anthony Holmes exploring the best ways to bring AI algorithms to market, a topic he has 20 years experience in.

With so many steps being taken forward, and with such a broad range of applications for the developments within the realms of medical imaging and the improvement of the patient journey, getting the chance to hear experts discuss and expose the benefits and pitfalls will be essential for curious visitors. Providing this chance for free makes the Medical Imaging Convention a real chance to get to grips with new technology before the floodgates really begin to open.

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