Pioneering Industry: Discover uEXPLORER with Terry Jones

The medical imaging industry has enjoyed a number of advancements over past years, pushing the industry towards far more accurate and efficient diagnostics and analytics for doctors and patients. With these advancements still making their way to market, it has been the uEXPLORER scanner that has taken centre stage in the industry news over recent weeks. 

A project that has been 13 years in the making, the uEXPLORER revealed its first 3-D images to the medical industry on the 24th November. Made by the University of California, Davis, the scanner can produce highly detailed images 40x faster and with 40x less exposure to harmful radiation, making repeat scans on individuals far easier and safer to achieve. As well as this, the scanner can create sequences that track radiolabeled drugs as they more around the body.
This scanner represents a real breakthrough for the medical industry in 2018, and the potential for improved diagnostic and analytical potential for doctors across the world. The Medical Imaging Convention seeks to provide a platform for these advancements, and 2019 will be no different as Terry Jones, a medical physicist from UC Davis, will be leading a seminar looking into the capabilities the uEXPLORER possesses for nuclear medicine and clinical research. 

Terry Jones is a medical physicist who has been involved in the development and applications of positron emitting radioisotopes in medicine since 1968. He is currently visiting professor at the University of California, Davis as one of the principals in the uEXPLORER project. Terry will be able to provide insight into how the scanner is able to achieve its imaging and also how this new technology will be able to benefit future nuclear medicine and research. 

Terry Jones won’t be the only professional offering expert insights into technology currently pioneering the medical imaging industry. With AI and deep learning primed to be the next step in medical technology, having Terry Jones at the event offers another opportunity to gain expert insight into an exciting development into the medical imaging industry. 

The Medical Imaging Convention takes place at the National Exhibition Centre on 26th and 27th March.
Tickets for the event are free and readily available from the link at the top of the page.