Sectra Education Portal is comprised of a multitude of interactive tools that provide teachers and students with virtual 3-D portrayals of real bodies rendered from clinical imaging. Medical imaging students and professionals are able to digitally interact with real-life medical cases, allowing for better understanding and observation of anatomy and thus, better medical imaging training.

Sectra Education Portal connects Sectra Table to a private share cloud for each institution and a public share. Each case available in the portal library is already quality-assured by Sectra which guarantees a high-quality education experience. When connected to Sectra Education Portal, teachers, students and clinical staff are able to use Sectra’s solution at whatever work station they find themselves at. Whether that’s at the hospital, university or even at home, users can reach their cases at any Sectra Table, laptop or touch device.

An exciting feature of the Sectra Education Portal is it’s ability to share cases to other portal users. The significance of this features lies in the opportunity for a worldwide network where cases can be shared within hospitals and between universities around the globe. The effect of such a feature means anyone using the portal can benefit from someone else’s prepared cases with bookmarks, detailed annotations and documented case stories, and better the level of training and understanding in students and hospitals around the globe.

To combat any threat to patient privacy, Sectra Education Portal makes every case anonymous - which means identifiable data from the image is removed and faces are blurred.  

Bernadette S de Bakker, M.D., lecturer in anatomy and embryology at Academic Medical Center says:

‘To interact with the 3-D renderings on the Sectra Table enables our students to learn and explore in a realistic environment. The portal itself is yet another way for enhancing medical training since students can access cases from their own workstations,”
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