Dr Anita Rose

Primary Care & Community Neurology * (The Raphael Hospital)

Dr Rose, a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, is well known in the field of Brain Injury.

She is widely published in peer-reviewed journals, written many patient self
help booklets and co-authored books on late recovery from the vegetative state and Locked-in Syndrome.

She is a sought after speaker across the globe with her message being one of empowerment to both people who have neurological conditions and to health professionals who work in the field of neurology.

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Mental Health After Brain Injury

This session will consider the psychological changes that often occur following a brain injury, such as depression, anxiety and anger. Such changes have a significant impact on all areas of a person’s life, and also those around them. The main outcome of this session is to provide information and strategies to support those who experience psychological change following a brain injury.


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