Moira Crotty

NHS Digital

Having started out as a diagnostic radiographer, I have spent the last 20 years procuring, implementing and managing imaging and diagnostic IT systems, on behalf of the NHS and private sectors. As a Programme Manager for NHS Digital I led the latter stages of the National PACS Programme. I am currently developing a toolkit for NHS Imaging services looking to move to networked operational models.

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IT and Informatics Toolkit for Imaging Networks

Provision of NHS imaging services using the model of a regional network has been a subject of growing interest in recent years. Achieving the objectives of such operational models is critically dependent on IT infrastructure and systems, both existing and new. NHS Digital is developing a toolkit to assist NHS Trusts in understanding and leveraging their existing environment, and potentially procuring new additional elements to meet the aims of their network.

Moira Crotty will be speaking in the following theatre:

Keynote Theatre - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: IT and Informatics Toolkit for Imaging Networks