Carlos Schorlemmer

Telemedicine Clinic

Dr Carlos Schorlemmer is currently Medical Director for Clinical Governance and Head of Neuroradiology at Telemedicine Clinic-Unilabs. He undertook his Medical studies and gained postgraduate qualifications in Family and Community Medicine
and in Radiology in Barcelona. He practices as a Consultant Neuroradiologist in the fields of elective and emergency diagnostic imaging.

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Innovative e-training platforms: key for quality diagnostic imaging reporting

A change from diagnostic imaging services dominated by generalist radiology reporting to higher levels of sub-specialisation is mandatory to adequately respond to the increasing quality expectation of value-based healthcare systems. To support the community of generalist radiologists in their journey towards higher levels of expertise in their specific areas of interest can be facilitated by introducing structured reporting and automated peer-feedback as core components of innovative online training platforms.