David Omiyi

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David Omiyi is a radiography lecturer at the University of Lagos Nigeria.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in radiography from Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, a Post Graduate Certificate in Health and Social Care Research from The University of Sheffield and a Master’s Degree in Radiological Education from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria.

He is the publisher of ER International, a news magazine in radiology imaging which serves as a platform for theexposition, promotion and advancement of the ever changing trends in medical imaging. Mr. Omiyi is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences.

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Artificial Intelligence - the future of medical imaging

Today, one of the biggest problems facing health professionals in general is the overload of too much patient information to sift through. Artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination and attention of doctors over the past couple years as several hospitals work to perfect these systems for clinical use. The use of AI is not left of in Medical Imaging, this seminar will cover the current trends and applications of AI in healthcare imaging and diagnosis.


  • Professor David J. Lurie: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Professor David J. Lurie
    University of Aberdeen

    Fast Field-Cycling MRI: A New Diagnostic Imaging Modality

  • Robert Lauritzen: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Robert Lauritzen

    Why real-time machine learning on medical images during acquisition can make a difference

  • Rose Isaacs: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Rose Isaacs
    City, Sandwell & Walsall Breast Screening Service (CSWBSS)

    Addressing the nationally declining breast screening uptake trend

  • Dr Nasir Hameed: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Dr Nasir Hameed
    School of Medicine, University of Central Lancashire

    Remote Imaging ‘Pass me my stethoscope – I mean smartphone’

  • Thomas Edwards: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Thomas Edwards
    The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Proton Beam Therapy Centre

    Imaging for Proton Therapy planning at The Christie Proton Centre