Everlight Radiology

Dr West completed his imaging physics doctoral research at UCL/Institute of Child Health in London, focusing on the development of quantitative MR imaging and spectroscopy applied to acute and evolving neurological pathology such as stroke, hypoxia, metabolic disturbance and therapeutic hypothermia.

He completed Radiology training at Imperial College Healthcare in London and continued to focus on acute and evolving pathology such as hyperacute stroke, traumatic brain injury, post-surgical care and acute major trauma. He worked as a consultant at St Georges Healthcare in London prior to joining Everlight Radiology, formerly Radiology Reporting Online (RRO), and the development of the overseas teleradiology team concept and the massive expansion of its acute and emergency radiology service.

He now works as a full time teleradiologist, splitting his time between the UK, where he reports emergency cases from Everlight's
London/Leeds offices and New York where he reports from home.

The flexibility of a role in teleradiology has enabled him to pursue other areas of interest including; owning a gym and dance studio in downtown Miami, working with 2 up-and-coming fashion brands in New York and collaborating regularly with Virgin Atlantic Airlines on human factors and safety culture. He also works with the W42ST community in Hell''s Kitchen, New York on the promotion of LGBT diversity and equality projects.

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Professional and social pros and cons of life as a full-time, overseas teleradiologist

Despite controversy, teleradiology activity has grown dramatically in the last few years and now provides a substantial proportion of UK NHS radiology reporting. The workers in this field may have a unique and rewarding experience which is entirely unlike a career within the NHS. This talk will address some of the opportunities and challenges in this type of working and provide insight into a job plan which is likely to become more popular in the years ahead.