Dr Heather E. L. Rose

The University of Birmingham

Dr Heather Rose obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in 2007 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2013 from The University of Birmingham. Doctoral research focused on the investigation of fluid dynamics and chemical interactions using NMR and MRI. After a period working in further education and carrying out postdoctoral research in the field of food science Heather transitioned into paediatric medical research.

From 2015 she has been employed in the Birmingham Children’s Brain Tumour Research Team focusing on the application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in clinical research. She works on several collaborative projects investigating the role of multimodal MRI combined with machine learning to aid diagnosis and monitoring of rare paediatric conditions. A key focus of her role is the translation of these techniques into the clinical environment through the development of clinical decision support systems.

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MR imaging and Spectroscopy of Paediatric Brain Disease

The ability of MR to probe the structural and chemical profile of a tissue makes it a valuable tool in the diagnosis of a variety of paediatric conditions. Due to the rarity of many conditions in clinical paediatrics we approach MR studies from a multi-centre approach, evaluating the usefulness of MR biomarkers outside of a single centre environment and develop new software platforms to make such tool available in a clinical environment.


  • Prof Keith Muir: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Prof Keith Muir
    University of Glasgow

    Imaging techniques to aid treatment decisions in acute ischaemic stroke.

  • Dr Scott Semple: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Dr Scott Semple
    University of Edinburgh

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging of myocardial viability

  • Mrs Simerjit Rai: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Mrs Simerjit Rai
    Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust

    Patient initiated follow-up and surveillance (story so far)

  • Dr Raj Jena: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Dr Raj Jena
    Microsoft Research Cambridge & University of Cambridge Department of Oncology

    Building AI workflows for segmentation and analysis of medical imaging

  • Professor Xujiong Ye: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Professor Xujiong Ye
    University of Lincoln

    Medical Image Analysis using Artificial Intelligence