Dr Mark Halling-Brown

Royal Surrey County Hospital

Mark is currently Head of Scientific Computing at Royal Surrey County Hospital. His teams remit covers involvement in several areas including Clinical Computing, Radiation Protection, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy. The team are involved in the development of services and techniques for visualization, collection, analysis and investigation of medical imagery, improvement of QA services, development of Remote QC and dose monitoring capabilities. Over the last few years, the team has formed an expertise in the formation of medical image databases for research. This has allowed the development of several large database, including the OPTIMAM Mammographic Image Database. This database is currently utilised by dozens of groups around the world investigating the potential of AI applied to mammographic images. More recently, the team has itself become involved with many cutting-edge aspects of machine/deep-learning with medical images notably in risk prediction in breast screening and detection in nuclear medicine.

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Practicalities of creating medical image research databases for AI

Large-scale, properly curated and live databases are essential for the creation and validation of artificial intelligent-enabled systems such as Computer Aided Detection/Diagnosis. It is not only important to ensure visibility of datasets used for training and testing, but also vital that validation of emerging AI-systems is possible utilising independent validation sets. This seminar will discuss the practicalities of forming such large-scale, drawing upon experience gained forming the OPTIMAM image database.

Dr Mark Halling-Brown will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 9 - Tuesday 15.30 - 16.00: Practicalities of creating medical image research databases for AI


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