Dr Richard Sidebottom

Thirlestaine Breast Centre, Cheltenham NHS and Royal Marsden Hospital

Richard is an NHS radiology consultant at Cheltenham and holds a research radiology post at The Royal Marsden hospital where he has set up and is running a clinical trial of a novel breast imaging system. Richard has an MSc in biomedical
engineering and is interested in the future development of imaging technologies. He is an advisor to DeepMind for a medical image analysis project.

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AI basics and application in mammography

This seminar will cover the history of image analysis in breast imaging and the basis for the current excitement around artificial intelligence. There will be a focus on the basics of how the algorithms are built and work, as this is key to appreciating their scope and limitations, not only with regard to breast imaging but more broadly.


  • Dr Heather E. L. Rose: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Dr Heather E. L. Rose
    The University of Birmingham

    MR imaging and Spectroscopy of Paediatric Brain Disease

  • Professor Ian Marshall: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Professor Ian Marshall
    University of Edinburgh

    Developments in neuro MRI: more information, faster

  • Dr Nasir Hameed: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Dr Nasir Hameed
    School of Medicine, University of Central Lancashire

    Remote Imaging ‘Pass me my stethoscope – I mean smartphone’

  • Marianthi-Vasiliki Papoutsaki: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Marianthi-Vasiliki Papoutsaki
    Centre for Medical Imaging, University College of London

    Harmonisation of prostate multiparametric MRI protocols across different sites

  • Alison Hall: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Alison Hall
    Keele University, Cannock Hospital

    Ultrasound guided corticosteroid injections in Musculoskeletal disease – the development of a Sonographer-led service