Dr Serguei Semenov

EMTensor GmbH

Dr. Semenov and his team have developed Electromagnetic Tomography for biomedical applications since the early 1990s at the Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC, USA, then at Keele University, School of Medicine, Staffordshire, UK. In 2012 Dr. Semenov with his partners incorporated EMTensor GmbH, located in Vienna, Austria, as a vehicle to further R&D and commercialize EMT technology. Brain imaging (primarily stroke detection) is an initial application of EMT under R&D of the Company.
Dr. Semenov is author and co-author of dozens of peer-reviewed publications, invited and keynote speaker at numerous events, recipient of grant awards (including NIH grants), author and co-author of 19 issued patents and 13 patent pending in the area of EMT.

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Electromagnetic tomography for brain imaging

Electromagnetic Tomography (EMT) is a novel imaging modality recently emerging into various clinical applications, including brain imaging. The fundamentals of electromagnetic tomography for biomedical imaging lays at the experimental facts that tissue dielectric properties (imaged by EMT) are sensitive to tissue blood and water content, level of blood oxygenation, acute ischemia infarction, malignancies, and others to be presented at the seminar. Further, results of pre-clinical studied and recent clinical study results will be presented. The seminar will also cover R&D of scanners applicable for human brain imaging.