Larry Sitka

Vital Images Inc

Larry Sitka

VP / CSIO Enterprise Applications at Vital Images Inc

Masters of Computer Science NTU, BS Computer Science University of Wisconsin Madison

Founded Acuo Technologies, 1999

28 years experience in medical imaging including over 100 VNA installs and go-lives.

Healthcare industry author and speaker

Holder of several U.S. and E.U. patents focused on digital asset management across healthcare, printing and publishing defense mapping and photographic businesses

Healthcare strategist and evangelist

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Enterprise Imaging, The First Step to a Learning Health System

Demand for data, information and knowledge is growing exponentially.

Data consolidation, and bringing all relevant information from across the enterprise to the point of care, in the context of the patient and to use this knowledge to affect the outcome are the keyfuture challenges. 

This requires and enterprise imaging solutions that goes beyond the current storage centric approach and acts more like a “service bus”, that allows the integration a multitude of sources, the enrichment of information in a meaningful way and the orchestration of information flows across silo’s.

Learn how this new approach creates freedom to use best-of-breed solutions, enables future use of artificial intelligence and reduces costs.