Laura Shell

University Hospital Birmingham (HGS)

Laura Shell qualified as a radiographer in 2003 and graduated with a degree in both Physics from the Open University and Medical Imaging from Canterbury Christchurch University. She first worked as a General Radiographer for the first 6 months from qualifying then went to CT where she stayed until moving to Birmingham (January 2018) and embarking on her PhD with University of Bradford.
Laura has also completed PgD in CT in 2007 at City University in London (started Masters) where she started working as a CT Service Lead and Radiation Protection Coordinator in 2008. She started on IPEM accredited Medical Physics Master’s Program with the Open University & one at UCL (the course was withdrawn from IPEM accreditation at a later date).
She went to work in private practice for a set-up hospital in 2014 as CT Service Lead and Radiation Protection Lead and was asked to return to her previous role as CT Service Lead in 2015.

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The Impact of Computerised Tomography Standardisation in the UK

The seminar will investigate how standardising CT protocols will impact current methods that are used in the UK and if this is best practice. Many hospitals use different protocols to scan patients regardless of pathology and/or anatomy. However, there are various factors to be looked at to determine whether this is viable, the main one being whether this will reduce the risk to the patient by reducing the incidences of recalls due to missing pathology as well as reducing radiation dose. Also, the benefit to hospitals by improving efficiency and reducing the risk of litigation may lead to better patient-centred care and, with radiology resources being limited, may improve efficiency and throughput of patients.


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