Matthew Gardner

RRPPS, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Matt Gardner is a Clinical Scientist at RRPPS, the Radiation Protection Service of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. He specialises in radiation protection (as applied to diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy), diagnostic radiology and phototherapy physics. Recent research & development interests include establishing robust systems to carry out local patient dosimetry audit, especially in areas where such audit has historically not been a routine practice.

Matt is passionate about science outreach and encouraging scientists (particularly those working behind the scenes in healthcare) to get involved with school’s events and promote the work they do. He is also an active member of the Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine, having previously been Chair of the Trainee Network and currently serving as Outreach Lead.

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Patient dosimetry audit for nuclear medicine and radiotherapy planning CT

Patient dosimetry audit is well established in diagnostic radiology, but much less so in other areas where CT is used such as nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. With recent publications of national data to compare against there is now an onus to address this. The seminar will focus on local efforts to implement a patient dosimetry system for CT in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, including the challenges encountered, solutions and results.


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