Paul Bentley

Imperial College London

Paul Bentley is an academic neurologist at Imperial College London. One of his main research interests is clinical-translational technologies– with a particular focus on stroke and AI. He is Clinical Lead of the Imperial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Technology Network, and clinical partner to the Neurotechnology Centre for Doctoral Training at Imperial College. He has spun-out 2 med-tech companies – and that use robotics, online gaming, and AI for common clinical problems (arm disability and cognitive screening, respectively). Paul is clinical partner to two internationally-renowned AI leads at Imperial College: Aldo Faisal, who leads the Behavioural Analytics Laboratory, Data Science Group; and Daniel Rueckert, who is Head of Computer Science, and Biomedical Imaging Analysis Group. Current projects include automated CT-brain interpretation, and behavioural monitoring of hospital in-patients. Since 2014, he has attracted >£2M grants, and published in journals such as PNAS, Current Biology, Neurology, Stroke, Radiology, Medical Imaging Analysis and Neuroimage.

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How can imaging-AI help stroke management?

Clinical decisions in acute stroke are few: to thrombolyse or not? how about thrombectomy?; and, in grave cases, should we surgically decompress? However, the myriad factors – particularly imaging - which clinicians weigh up to make these decisions are anything but simple. AI methods may represent the optimal way by which multi-stream data can be quantified, rationalized and brought to bear on critical questions of management and outcome.

Paul Bentley will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 9 - Wednesday 12.30 - 13.00: How can imaging-AI help stroke management?


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