Piotr Giedziun & Michał Krasoń


Piotr Giedziun (CancerCenter.AI Co-founder, R&D) is a passionate software engineer with specialization in deep learning (DL), algorithmics, highly-scalable architectures and advanced mobile technologies. Piotr is an astute proponent of maximizing optimization in software developing processes. His focused specialization is in MRI diagnostics and skin lesion analysis. He is a practitioner of machine learning (ML) algorithms and beautifully clean code design.

Michał Krasoń is a data scientist with background in mathematics. He works in R&D department of CancerCenter.AI where he focuses on applications of deep learning to medical image analysis. His main interest is in computer vision and novel machine learning methods.

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Deep learning in oncology diagnostics

Medical diagnosis is a complex and time-consuming process. Facilitating it could bring us a number of benefits, e.g. increase the chances of early detection of cancer. During the seminar we will see how current state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms can be used to achieve this goal.


  • Cheerag Shirodaria: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Cheerag Shirodaria
    Caristo Diagnostics

    Fat Attenuation Index: A Game Changer in Coronary Artery Risk Assessment?

  • Ernesto A. Cerdena, PhD: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Ernesto A. Cerdena, PhD
    AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (a member of Geisinger), Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

    Challenges and Success in Adopting Clinical Decision Support Mechanism In Diagnostic Imaging

  • Dr Dan Rose: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Dr Dan Rose
    Everlight Radiology

    Radiology service delivery in 2019 - Riding the storm

  • Rachael Hinchliffe: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Rachael Hinchliffe
    University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust (HGS) sites

    Plain Film Service Challenges? - How Do Digital Imaging Systems Help?

  • Prof Alan Perkins: Speaking at the Medical Imaging Convention

    Prof Alan Perkins
    University of Nottingham

    Optical-Gamma Camera Imaging in Nuclear Medicine