Professor Jeff Bamber

The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden Hospital

Jeff Bamber is Professor of Physics Applied to Medicine, leader of the Ultrasound and Optical Imaging Team and Deputy Dean Biomedical Sciences at the Institute of Cancer Research London. He holds honorary appointments at the Royal Marsden and other hospitals and colleges in London. He has contributed to subjects such as understanding the acoustic characteristics of normal and malignant tissues, ultrasound image formation and simulation, speckle and clutter reduction, elastography, contrast-enhanced imaging and photoacoustic imaging. His current research aims to increase ultrasound’s quantitative, functional and molecular imaging capability, providing tools to experimental cancer biology and helping to improve cancer treatment by bringing ultrasound-based methods to clinical problems such as early diagnosis, assessing tumour aggressiveness and response, and guiding treatment. He is vice-president of the IBUS Breast Imaging School, past president of the International Association for Breast Ultrasound and past vice-president of the International Society of Skin Imaging.

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Photoacoustic imaging in cancer medicine and research

This presentation summarises work of the Institute of Cancer Research in photoacoustic imaging, which uses an ultrasound scanner to detect the optical colour of tissue. This allows the imaging of, for example, the distribution of haemoglobin, oxyhaemoglobin, melanin, fat, water, molecularly targeted probes, nanoparticles and anticancer drugs. Potential uses span detection, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment guidance, prediction of response to treatment and monitoring of response.


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