Professor Stuart Taylor

University College London

Professor Stuart Taylor is academic clinical radiologist specialising in Gastrointestinal and Oncological Imaging at University College London. He has 5 years’ experience as a NIHR senior investigator. His academic expertise aligns around translation of imaging technology into the NHS and he has a particular experience in gastrointestinal, oncological and obesity imaging. His research program encompasses the translation research pipeline from first in man studies through the large scale prospective multicentre trials of imaging technology. Professor Taylor collaborates widely across institutions and disciplines such as academic clinicians and surgeons, medical physics, computationalists, academic statisticians and health economists. He also collaborate widely with SMEs, and have several research streams in collaboration with UK SMEs.

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Should we be using first line whole body MRI in colorectal and lung cancer staging?

The seminar will discuss the concept of whole body MRI in cancer staging, including state of the art protocols. The results of the Streamline Trials will be presented which compared WBMRI staging with standard staging pathways in colorectal and lung cancer, considering not only diagnostic accuracy but staging pathway efficiency and costs. Patient experience data will also be discussed


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