Rachael Hinchliffe

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust (HGS) sites

After training as a Diagnostic Radiographer over 18 years ago, in a major trauma centre in the West Midlands Rachael’s passion for Plain Film and Plain Film Advanced Practice was ignited early on, after being inspired by some of the first Plain Film Reporting Radiographers in the region.

After working as a Plain film and Nuclear Medicine Radiographer early in her career, she was fortunate to commence training in the mid-2000s to become a Plain Film Reporting Advanced Practitioner, and has been very privileged to have been undertaking Advanced Practice in Plain Film Radiography for the last 14 years.

Within Rachael’s clinical practice she reports appendicular and axial musculoskeletal images and plain film images of the adult chest and abdomen. As well as the clinical elements of her role, she works as the Plain Film Modality Lead for HGS, which is a very diverse role offering many challenges within the plain film service and is most definitely a role that will always keep her busy!

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