Sue Edyvean

Public Health England

Sue Edyvean leads the Medical (radiation) Dosimetry Group at Public Health England (PHE), based in Chilton, Oxfordshire. Her responsibilities in this role include; national radiation patient dose surveys providing the basis for National DRLs and population doses, Monte Carlo dosimetry in diagnostic imaging, and providing expertise in CT scanner technology, image quality and radiation dose. Prior to her role at PHE, Sue specialised in computed tomography scanners for most of her career; heading up the specialist ImPACT (Imaging Performance Evaluation of CT) group at St. George’s Hospital, London. She has sat on various international committees (IEC, ICRU and AAPM), co-author of published papers, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Authority) reports, and the ICRU CT Image Quality and Dose publication, as well as numerous CT technology reports. She has presented and taught extensively at many conferences and courses, both nationally and internationally.

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National Diagnostic Reference Levels for patient radiation dose – current status, future plans, and how to contribute

NDRLs are used to benchmark patient radiation dose in diagnostic radiology. Many complex factors affect patient dose: imaging modality and model, protocol, clinical question, examination complexity, patient weight, and diagnostic quality of images. Legislation requires that DRLs are established in radiology departments, and compared to national values where they are available. The current status of NDRLs, how to use them, how to contribute, and future plans, will be addressed.