Terry Jones

University of California, Davis

Terry Jones is a medical physicist who has been involved in the development and applications of positron emitting radioisotopes in medicine since 1968. In 1973, he recorded the first image of human brain metabolism using oxygen-15. When at the former Medical Research Council’s, Cyclotron Unit, at Hammersmith Hospital, London, he initiated the UK’s first PET program in the late 1970’s. He undertook developments in PET methodology and fostered its clinical research applications in Neurology, Psychiatry, Oncology, Cardiology and Pulmonary Medicine. He was acting director of the Cyclotron Unit and professor of medical physics at Imperial College London. He co-established the PET based WMIC at Manchester University. He is currently visiting professor at the University of California, Davis as one of the principals in the uEXPLORER project. He has over 300 scientific publications with 31,000 citations/h-index of 82 and is a fellow of the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences.

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u EXPLORER: The World's First Total-Body PET Scanner

The construction and performance of The World's First Total-Body PET Scanner is reported together with the first human static and dynamic scans. These demonstrate that this technology will detect lower levels of focal pathology, reduce radiation absorbed doses, the time taken to scan, and provide image derived arterial tracer concentrations for quantifying tissue function. How this technology offers to advance nuclear medicine based healthcare, and clinical research will be discussed.