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APC Cardiovascular Ltd

APC Cardiovascular helping build a better radiation safety culture through measurement, management and education.

RaySafe i3; the latest generation of the real-time dosimetry family. The system includes a set of the new RaySafe real-time personal radiation dosimeters coupled with a display and software to provide with a complete, immediate visual of radiation exposures.
Visualize X-ray exposure with the new i3 real-time personal radiation dosimeter using easy-to-read bar graphs. Instant feedback empowers your medical staff to learn and adapt their behavior on the go, minimizing unnecessary radiation exposure.
Measurements are simultaneously stored for post-procedure analysis, facilitating continued learning and to enable comparisons over time, between labs and between users.

Xenolite Strata bilayer apron; the first lead-free, lightweight material featuring bi-layer radiation protection technology. XENOLITE Strata is recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal. In our opinion the best combination of safety and comfort in the world.

RADPAD; sterile, lead free, light weight, and repositionable radiation protection shield, placed directly on the patient and gives the physician protection from the ever present scattered radiation. First developed in 1996 as a lightweight pliable alternative to lead shielding, RADPAD shields and drapes continue to lead the industry in technological development designed to reduce harmful scatter radiation by up to 95%.

Angiodroid - The Co2 Injector;
Automated Carbon Dioxide Injection System for Diagnositc and Interventional Peripheral Angiography.
The Angiodroid Injection System is a unique fully automatic injector dedicated to CO2 angiography.

Surgeons gloves in all sizes, 3 protection levels and latex free versions.

Glasses, including prescription lenses.

Kenex. The full range of mounted and mobile shields.

Come talk through new regulations and what is a bilayer apron, book on-site training session and enter the draw for a free Apron.

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