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Aurora mScope Inc.

Aurora mScope is a global leader in image management software for digital pathology.

Aurora mScope Inc.`s products are developed and marketed as communications platforms designed to network pathologists. As such, they recognize each pathologist`s right to choose the images and the analytical tools he will use to affect a diagnosis. Furthermore, they recognize that scanning technologies are not `one size fits all` and that each network may contain more than one brand of scanner reflecting multiple use cases. Through vendor neutrality and extensive universality we respect medical independence, facilitate adoption and ensure the network`s strategic flexibility.
mScope Clinical is a thin client digital pathology software platform enabling case & image management, intra- and inter-site workflow and collaboration, image acquisition/analysis/LIS integration and media viewing. mScope Clinical is currently used to aid in primary diagnosis, consultation, CME, inter-site case/specimen procedure orders/tracking and remote frozen section applications. mScope is vendor-agnostic with respect to whole slide scanners, image-enabled macroscopy and microscopy stations, analysis vendors and laboratory information systems to enable a strategic open-architecture communications platform. This ensures flexibility and continuity when acquiring/replacing digital pathology system components and reduces integration and total cost of ownership in a rapidly changing market.
We strongly believe that when implementing a digital pathologist network, it is critical to recognize its four components: digitization; analysis; storage; and communications. Therefore, it is important to create an RFP that will recognize this reality and allow for the acquirer`s flexibility to mix and match best in breed components or choose an end-to-end solution.
What Makes Aurora`s mScope Unique

Aurora mScopes` product offering is unique for several reasons:
1. Aurora is the sole digital pathology vendor wholly focussed on communications. This is important because selection of a vendor-agnostic communications platform is a strategic decision that ensures future flexibility in the face of a rapidly changing industry.

2. No other vendor supports as many proprietary image formats and third party tools. Aurora can do this in cooperation with these vendors because it does not compete in the hardware or analysis spaces.

3. No other vendor has more large-scale multi-site telepathology network experience. This experience has had and continues to have a profound effect on our product roadmap to the benefit of all our clients.
4. mScope is the only digital pathology communications platform supporting a P2P application architecture. This enables custom workflow capabilities on a site-by-site basis, creates a more robust consultation/collaboration network, solves multi-site and/or multi-jurisdictional issues by keeping data at the referring site and enables sites to utilize LAN bandwidth when working on local cases.
5. Aurora is better at networking than any other digital pathology vendor. Most systems are scanner-centric and difficult/costly to network/integrate. mScope was built from its inception to enable telepathology networks. Many of Aurora`s developers, QC and support staff come from Ericsson networks.
6. Aurora`s per-case payment structure aligns its incentives with those of its clients (efficiency, functionality, support) and reduces capital risk by enabling gradual low-cost deployment with an option to cease using the system at any time.
Overview of Aurora mScope Inc.

With over 10,000 users in over ten countries served from 60 sites mScope is the leading web based software platform (mScope) for simplification, productivity and ease of communications. mScope`s Universal Web Viewer has collaborative tools to view medical slides and images anytime, anywhere, regardless of file format. The software has three applications to aid digital pathology web based communications needs: mScope Education, mScope Clinical, and mScope Universal Viewer. Aurora`s mission is to improve patient outcomes and help members of the medical community achieve their full potential by eliminating the learning, diagnostic and collaborative restrictions imposed by time and space.
History and Ownership
Clients have been using mScope since 2002. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with operations in Montréal, QC. Its principal shareholder and President is Dr. Erik Yeo.
Dr. Yeo is Professor of Medicine at the Toronto General Hospital. Dr. Yeo is a leading specialist in Laboratory Hematology, Hematology and Medicine. From 2000 to 2006, Dr. Yeo was the Physician in Chief of the Department of Laboratory Hematology and Hematopathology at the University Health Network in Toronto. During this same period, he was the Medical Director of Laboratory Business Development for the Toronto Medical Laboratories within the University Health Network (Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, and Toronto Western Hospital). He is currently the Head of Benign Hematology, Director of Clinical Hemostasis and Thrombosis and the Red Cell Disorders Program in the Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology of University Health Network. Dr Yeo is a member of several medical organizations including Fellow of the American Heart Association, American Society of Hematology and the American Foundation of Clinical Research. Dr Yeo holds a MD from Queens University, Kingston and completed Fellowships in Medicine, Hematology, Oncology and Hematology Research at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, the American Board of Internal Medicine and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto.
Aurora mScope empowers Pathology 2.0. Our collaborative tools insure true collaboration between all the diagnostic stakeholders. We are firm believers that fruitful collaboration, based on intellectual and personal integrity, creative re-evaluation, constructive criticism and respect leads to better results.
The Company strives to get `the right slide in front of the right eyes` and facilitate collaboration. Aurora`s mission is to facilitate and contribute to better patient outcomes, by helping members of the medical community achieve their full potential by eliminating the learning, diagnostic and collaborative restrictions posed by time and space.
Where Aurora Fits in Digital Pathology
Aurora is the industry`s communication specialist. Digital pathology can be divided into four segments:
• Digitization
• Analysis
• Storage
• Communications
Aurora is the only company 100% dedicated to communications:

Our products aggregate data in a relevant usable fashion and transmit it efficiently to the right person or system. They do not generate data. As such, we provide seamless integration with information sources (Data, images, other consultants, algorithms etc.) and between local networks and cloud based networks.
Network infrastructure

Aurora mScope`s development team is issued from the telecom infrastructure development industry. As such they have created a suite of products designed from the start for networking. Our plug-and-play scalable network is aimed at minimizing IT integration costs.
Communications systems are an infrastructure decision. As such they must be universal, vendor agnostic and scalable. They must be able to operate with all available scanner and analysis technologies in order to afford doctors and IT departments the flexibility to choose the right scanners for the right job and the best analytics for the best diagnosis.
Contextual communications

The company provides four contextual environments for pathology communications:
• Clinical: Diagnostics, second opinion, diagnostic tumour boards, reporting, multi-disciplinary boards, and quality control;
• Education: Med school, resident training, continuing education, medical congress online slide availability, continuing education and proficiency testing, tissue banks, slide atlas and case libraries references;
• Research: Academic and pharmaceutical study management; and
• Patient Record: Inclusion of images in the patient record.
Clients using mScope Clinical

• Ruis UL-CHUQ- a network of 22 sites with ???pathologists, technicians.........??
• Refcor (France) a network of ???? Pathologists....???
• Sescam(Spain) a network of 8 sites and 50 pathologists, interns and technicians

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Erik Yeo, President
Timothy Dick, Controller
1425 René-Lévesque blvd west,
Montréal, QC H3G 1T7

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