Exhibiting at the Medical Imaging Convention

CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare delivers simulation-based training solutions that help healthcare professionals provide safe, high quality patient care.
CAE Healthcare partners with organizations worldwide to offer realistic and relevant healthcare simulation training solutions. With a bold mission to improve patient safety and outcomes, we continuously strive to develop breakthrough products that advance learning and competency within risk-free settings.
Our end-to-end spectrum of simulation solutions includes patient, surgical and imaging simulation, audiovisual solutions and learning modules. With a broad array of products, we are able to offer targeted training solutions to hospitals, medical schools, emergency response teams, military branches and nursing, respiratory and allied health programs.
Each CAE Healthcare product is developed in partnership with clinicians and clinical educators whose aim is to ensure physiological accuracy and educational relevance.
The CAE Healthcare family of learners is highly interactive, innovative and eager to share ideas and experiences. Join us at HPSN World, where people from every level of healthcare gather to push the envelope of healthcare simulation to improve learning and ultimately, to save lives.

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