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cNeuro AI tool supports both radiologists and neurologists.

cNeuro is Combinostics` cloud platform for quantitative assessment of brain images and for providing clinical decision support in neurological disorders. cNeuro currently has two modules: cMRI and cDSI.

cMRI is a tool for radiologists. cMRI quantifies volumes of 133 brain regions, vascular burden, medial temporal lobe atrophy (MTA) score, global cortical atrophy (GCA) scale and Fazekas scale and compares the extracted biomarkers to reference data. The user can interactively review the processed images and a pdf report is generated.

cDSI is intended for use by the diagnosing clinician. cDSI use unique technology for combining all data from a patient into a "disease state fingerprint". cDSI compares neuropsychology, MRI, CSF and genetics measured from your patient to data of previously diagnosed cases and provides information about the patient`s similarity relative to etiology (AD, FTLD, VaD and cognitive normal) and progression (stable and progressive MCI).

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