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Telemedicine Clinic

Increasing numbers of NHS Trusts are proactively switching to TMC's reporting services. They are secure in the knowledge that they are gaining access to unlimited Elective and On Call reporting capacity to support those awkward holiday periods, when demand exceeds supply.
TMC's bespoke teleradiology platform, Optemis™, provides secure HL7 RIS to RIS integration, with auditing capabilities that exceed the RCR guidelines for peer review. Our sophisticated delivery model is backed with 24/7 support, ISO9001/27001, CQC, ICO 1998 and ISAS accreditation.
To move away from lone overnight working, TMC's Australian reporting Hubs in Sydney and Noosa provides the UK with a true 'follow the sun' model for reporting on call overnight emergency cases, set in a real multi-radiologist reporting environment.
TMC is proud to bring the benefits of 'next generation' teleradiology to the UK.
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