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The future of radiographers within CMR or The future of advanced practitioners within CMR

15 Nov 2022
Medical Imaging Keynote Theatre

Traditionally Cardiac MRI studies have been reported by either trained cardiologists or Radiologist. Given the constant evolution of the imaging landscape, these roles have been augmented and altered by allied health professionals over the years. This talk aims to look at where the reporting of CMR studies started, where it has moved onto to and most importantly where it will go in the future. Using my own journey from Cardiac MRI lead to CMR reporting radiographer as a template,  I will chart the often challenging progress to become a fully autonomous reporting radiographer. I will look at the limitations that are imposed currently on advanced practice within this role, at what training and education has been undertaken and what the limits are (if any) to specialist consultant radiographers being actively  involved  in patient care pathways, discussion and differential plans and diagnosis.

I will look briefly at the role that advanced technologies and  AI have had upon Cardiac MRI

Finally, I will discuss how this pathway has lead me to re-examine and alter my continuing role as educator, radiographer and clinical specialist. I will discuss new methods for training and ways in which other advanced practitioners have helped to guide these fundamental changes to service.

Kevin Strachan, Cardiac clinical specialist, Cardiac MRI lead and reporting radiographer - Cardiac clinical specialist, Cardiac MRI lead and reporting radiographer, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust