Imaging Convention Post Show Review

The Medical Imaging Convention was an incredible success in 2019, with over 2500 senior clinicians, senior management teams and medical imaging professionals attending the UK’s dedicated trade show for medical imaging. 2,500 clinician were met with a comprehensive display of exhibits from world-leading companies, showcasing everything from radiation protection equipment, to revolutionary x-ray technology and incredible artificial intelligence and machine learning hardware.

Some of the most successful exhibitors at the medical event could be found within the Medical Imaging Convention’s boundaries. One of the finest examples was show sponsor Philips, and their sleek and stylish stand. Philips offered their expert insight into their new DigitalDiagnost products, discussing how they are an improvement on the previous edition. The most notable improvement is being able to deliver x-rays that suppress bones on the chest, granting a clear view of the soft tissue; perfect for assessing potential anomalies within the lungs. The stand also showcased further health technologies that focus on improving people’s lives across the health continuum. These products will reduce the waiting times in different health organisations, improving performance and enabling better outcomes for patients.

Another business, Agfa Healthcare UK Ltd, who possess over a century of imaging experience had an impressive stand that displayed the company’s Engage Suite for Integrated Care and diagnostic imaging solutions that set standards in productivity, safety, clinical value, and cost-effectiveness. The Engage Suite was a particular highlight, as it allows for hospitals to offer care providers, referring physicians, and patients access to health information “anywhere, anytime”.

One of the most striking exhibits on show at any of the medical shows this year was Tenovus Cancer Care, the leading cancer charity in Wales. Tenovus operate the World’s largest mobile support unit, which they brought with them to the convention. The mobile unit brings world-class cancer treatment closer to patient’s homes, reducing the amount of travel they have to make. In 2018, the Tenovus Mobile Cancer Unit saved cancer patients over 45,000 miles of travelling between their homes and cancer treatment wards at hospitals all over Wales. The biggest benefit of the mobile unit is that patients get to spend more time with their loved ones due to greatly reduced travel times to existing cancer treatment centres around Wales.

Running alongside the impressive collection of exhibitors was the CPD accredited seminar programme, dedicated to teaching medical professionals about the latest developments in the medical imaging industry. The renowned seminar lineup included keynote speakers from sector-leading organisations such as Philips, NHS, UCLH and the Christie Hospital. The topics they covered ranged from new technologies being developed at the present, techniques that are in their infant planning stage, and groundbreaking technologies such as the u Explorer, the World’s first full body PET scanner.

Firstly, there was a seminar lineup full of industry renowned speakers. Dr Christoph Juli, a consultant cardiac radiologist, held a seminar that was sponsored by Philips in Keynote Theatre 1, where a capacity crowd were fascinated by his in-depth topic. His talk centred on the breakthrough technology of Compressed SENSE, which is a signal processing technique for efficiently acquiring and reconstructing a signal, by finding solutions to underdetermined linear systems. The system allows 2D and 3D scans to be up to 50% faster with virtually equal image quality. Alongside Dr Juli, another brilliant seminar was carried out by Moira Crotty, Lead Programme Manager at NHS Digital. Moira focused on the new IT and informatics toolkit that NHS Digital are developing for widespread use on NHS operational systems, both new and existing. Moira’s audience listened intently to the intricacies of her talk, as it centred on a technology that they will be likely to experience and use in their professional working life, due to the NHS adopting the technology to use in their organisation in the coming years.

The show also contained the inaugural AI and Machine Learning focus area, which proved to be one of the most popular parts of the highly successful Medical Imaging Convention 2019. This area included speakers from businesses such as Future Advocacy, NHS, and Kheiron Medical who talked on subjects surrounding the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the medical imaging field. The seminars included topics such as the use of deep learning in breast cancer screening and breast density assessments, and the use of AI in stroke management.

Dr Phil Koczan delivered a thought-provoking seminar on assessing the application of artificial intelligence and its use in the NHS, a topic that captivated the extremely busy crowd in the theatre due to its potential use in the medical imaging industry in the foreseeable future. Dr Koczan’s talk also touched on the sensitive issue of assessing the clinical safety of the adoption of AI for the NHS and the potential policies and standards that will come from the assessment. He was very knowledgeable in the topic he was delivering to the bustling crowd of medical imaging professionals, and he consistently got them to engage with the topics of discussion that were developing as his seminar was progressing.

Once again, a busy theatre listened keenly to Dr Hugh Harvey, Clinical Director at Kheiron Medical; his topic of deep learning in breast cancer centred on applying such technology to everyday practice. Deep learning concerns new sets of skills, techniques and algorithms that machines are able to learn, enabling the technology to discover complicated patterns in large data sets, or recognise potential issues in images. As a result, deep learning has a massive potential to be able to predict whether an image may contain signs of cancer, especially in mammograms for breast cancer. Having machines to predict this earlier could lead to earlier diagnosis and therefore leading to quicker treatments for the individual.

The European Oncology Convention masterclass programme, organised by Rutherford Cancer Centres ran closely with the Medical Imaging Convention to ensure that visitors could find relevant medical imaging content in the closely related subject matters. The masterclasses enabled the medical imaging experts to reinforce existing and new knowledge gained from the seminar programme by applying them to the specially designed topics on offer. These included ‘addressing current challenges in radiation oncology solutions’, led by Nigel Deshpande, Clinical Scientist and Radiation Oncology Lead at Philips Healthcare and ‘Embracing evolving technology in cancer care’, Led by Mark Crocker, Lead Technologist from Proton Partners International.

The Medical Imaging Convention will go above and beyond next year as it will be part of Mediweek, the UK’s largest healthcare event hosted at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham on 17 & 18 March 2020. It will bring together over 35,000 healthcare professionals across 10 world class exhibitions and conferences.

Due to the popularity of the AI and Machine Learning focus area at the Convention this year, the inaugural AI & Machine Learning Convention will be held at Mediweek 2020. The show will display the most groundbreaking technologies that AI and machine learning can offer, showing that they can save the lives of current and future patients alike. It will be one of the UK’s most forward thinking events, bringing over 500 AI professionals to the NEC and offering them 50 CPD accredited seminars and 50 industry-defining exhibitors to learn how implementing AI & Machine Learning can help build care pathways, secure patients’ data, improve diagnostic accuracy, and ultimately streamline services so clinicians can concentrate on what they do best; saving lives. This new show will prove that the future is now.

This is a unique opportunity for you, your team, and your Trust to come together to discover the cutting edge in products and services whilst also gaining fantastic knowledge from the CPD accredited seminars and workshops for free.

Tickets to attend next year’s Medical Imaging Convention at Mediweek are free and available now, so register for your tickets here.

If your business manufactures imaging equipment or provides a service and you want to exhibit them in front of an audience of 2500 key decision makers from around the industry then you need to exhibit at the Medical Imaging Convention during Mediweek next year.

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