Global Radiology CME

In association with The British Institute of Radiology, Global Radiology CME invites you to join us this June in Oxford. The Maths Institute, on the University of Oxford campus has been selected as the venue for our June 3-6, 2018 Conference.

Join the luminaries in Radiology: Donald Resnick, László Tabár, Phillip Tirman, Blake Johnson, and Neil Rofsky for cutting edge lectures in the "City of Dreaming Spires". We are also excited to announce Sanjay Prabhu from Harvard Medical School will share the latest advances in 3D printing and artificial intelligence. We are honored that several renowned radiologists from the UK including Radiopaedia editor Vikas Shah, Neuroradiologist from Oxford Gerardine Quaghebeur, MSK ultrasound pioneer David Wilson​, and spine MRI expert Simon Blease will also present lectures.

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