Prof Keith Muir

University of Glasgow

Keith Muir is a stroke neurologist and SINAPSE Chair of Clinical Imaging at the University of Glasgow, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, and Clinical Director for Stroke, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Main scientific interests include the application of advanced brain imaging to clinical trials as a tool for translational research. He has been Chief Investigator or UK Chief Investigator for trials of thrombolysis (ATTEST, ATTEST-2), thrombectomy (PISTE), advanced imaging for patient selection in thrombolysis (PRACTISE), MRI-selection in stroke of unknown onset time (WAKE-UP), and minor stroke or TIA (TEMPO-2). Has also led trials of physiological management (SELESTIAL) and stem cell therapy (PISCES 1 and 2) that have used imaging as a selection tool and biomarker for therapeutic response.

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Imaging techniques to aid treatment decisions in acute ischaemic stroke.

Imaging has a central role in treatment decisions in acute ischaemic stroke. Non-contrast CT has been the dominant modality, but has low sensitivity for acute ischaemia and has predominantly been used to exclude contraindications to reperfusion. Recent trials have shown greatly expanded eligibility for, and better targeted, reperfusion based on imaging that provides diagnostic confirmation and information on tissue viability, including MRI, CT perfusion and angiography.


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