Xiaohong (Sharon) Gao

Middlesex University

Professor Gao has been working on medical images for the last 20 years. She obtained her PhD in 1994 in Computer Colour Vision at Loughborough University in Loughborough and had worked in NHS hospitals for 4 years before she joined Middlesex University as an academic. She has received a number of funding awards from the EPSRC, the Royal Society, JISC, British Council, Cancer Research UK and European Commission as a principle investigator or coordinator. In 2017, her team has won top 1 (out of 23 teams) in accuracy in classification of Tuberculosis Competition organised by ImageCLEF, through the design of novel deep learning networks, and #12 (among 29 teams) in 2019 on Detection of artefact of endoscopic images at EAD2019 competition.

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Application of deep learning techniques to medical images for early diagnosis

This seminar will address the state of the art deep learning techniques in assisting early diagnosis based on medical images. In particular, this talk will focus on early detection and segmentation of early stages of squamous cancers from oesophagus endoscopic videos in real time, the challenges, benefit, and future directions. This project is funded by the Cancer Research UK.


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