Dr Chris Tromans

Volpara Solutions

Chris is the European Business and Innovation Manager for Volpara Solutions leading the company’s scientific validation and clinical adoption pathway in Europe. He oversees the company’s research projects in a number of European countries, including the NIHR PROCAS II programme grant, lead from Manchester Foundation Trust. This is a proof of concept study using state of the art Cloud technologies to build a practical implementation of cancer risk assessment in screening within the NHS Breast Screening Programme. The ultimate goal being to use risk to personalising care.
He is a graduate of Oxford University, where he also completed his PhD in medical image analysis under the supervision of Professor Sir Michael Brady. Following his PhD, he won a research fellowship award from the EPSRC to independently continue his work on mammographic image quantification, before joining Volpara in 2012 to focus on commercialisation of research into clinical practise.

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Optimising and Personalising Breast Screening using Analytics and Cancer Risk

Breast screening requires reading vast numbers of images, where only a small proportion contain the subtlest signs of cancer. This talk begins discussing how analytics tools can ensure only images of the highest quality reach the reading room, maximising the radiologist’s ability to identify lesions. We then turn to those breasts where dense tissue limits mammographic sensitivity, or those at high risk, and how to personalise screening to counteract this.


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