Dr. Erik Yeo, MD, FRCPC

Aurora mScope Inc.

Dr. Erik Yeo has been the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Aurora mScope Inc. since 2004. Dr. Yeo is a practicing Hematologist at the University Health Network in Toronto and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Yeo is the past Head of Clinical Hematology at the University Health Network and the past Head of Laboratory Hematology and Laboratory Business Development at the Toronto Medical
Laboratories, University Health Network, Toronto.

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Choosing a Digital Pathology Solution: An Industry Perspective

Digital pathology (DP) is a transformative technology which is revolutionizing pathology services, offering significant advantages for both patients and clinicians. Pathologists need to understand the major issues to consider in selecting a DP solution. Aurora mScope''s 20 year perspective on these complex issues as a leading DP image management software solution provider will be discussed, with a question and answer session at the end.