Dr Jonathon Willatt

Everlight Radiology

Dr Willatt attended medical school in Manchester after spending 6 years in the Royal Artillery. He completed his radiology training in Oxford in 2005 and completed fellowships at the University of Michigan in Body Imaging and Interventional Radiology, before taking a post at the Ann Arbor, Michigan VA Hospital. He started working as a remote radiologist for Everlight UK in 2017 and has recently joined the Medical Leadership Council with a primary role in QA.

His research interests include liver imaging and oncologic IR and he has published extensively inboth European and US radiology literature.

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Riding the storm – improving radiology service delivery in 2020

In the face of a perfect storm of rising demand and increasing consultant shortfall, how can we increase the speed and quality of radiology services? Dr Willatt looks ahead to the technological, cultural and clinical solutions that offer a lifeline for hard-pressed NHS radiology teams.


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