Dr Katy Szczepura

University of Salford

Katy Szczepura is a medical physics lecturer at the University of Salford. Her work includes novel image assessment tools, radiation protection, and image optimisation.

Katy started her career in the NHS, completing the medical physics training at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Royal Free, but soon moved into academia as a research associate at the University of Cambridge, working in Nuclear Medicine. She has been at the University of Salford since 2007.
She is an Associate Editor for the British Journal of Radiology and a STEM ambassador.

As well as her research she is involved in teaching medical physics across a wide range of professions and is academic programme lead for MSc Urology in joint collaboration with Health Education England.

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Conspicuity Index – a novel method for assessing lesion visibility in DICOM images

A novel method has been developed to provide an objective measure of the visual detectability of focal abnormalities within DICOM images.

ROIs are utilised and fits the lesion using least squares. 180 line-profiles are plotted around the lesion.

An algorithm has been developed that considers the lesion size, edge angle, the internal lesion noise, the surrounding tissue noise and the grey level difference between the background and the lesion.


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