Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo DVM PhD DECVP

Aiforia Technologies

Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo is a veterinary pathologist and holds over a decade’s experience in the field of diagnostic as well as research pathology. Her PhD from the University of Helsinki focused on muscle degeneration, but over the years she has also worked with cancer and inflammatory disease models. She is excited by the new possibilities that AI- based image analysis provides for improving the accuracy and quantification of pathology data. At Aiforia she provides pathology expertise for AI model development.

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AI by the pathologist: from research to clinical

Aiforia, a cloud-based software, was created for direct use by pathologists and other healthcare professionals to enable them to develop AI models for all of their imageanalysis applications across research and clinical work. During this talk, PhD and board- certified veterinary pathologist Hanna-Kaisa Sihvo, will give a live demonstration of the Aiforia Platform and an introduction to how it has removed the barriers often associated with using AI.