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Marianthi-Vasiliki Papoutsaki

Marianthi-Vasiliki Papoutsaki

MRI Physicist (Senior Research Fellow), Centre for Medical Imaging, University College of London
M-V Papoutsaki is an MRI Physicist, HCPC clinical scientist registered, currently working at Centre for Medical Imaging in University College of London. Her background includes a Bachelor (BSc Hons) in Physics and a Masters (MSc) in Medical Physics followed by a clinical training in Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiation Protection and Medical Imaging. After the clinical registration, she completed her doctoral thesis focused on MRI polymer gel dosimetry in radiotherapy. Her research interests are focused on harmonization of MRI across various MR scanners, on quantitative MR Quality Control, on Hyperpolarised MRI, on 13C and 1H MR Spectroscopy, on Diffusion – Weighted (DW) MRI and on MRI polymer gel dosimetry. During her career, she developed various test objects for set-up, optimisation and quality control of different MR imaging techniques and various software pipelines for analysing MR spectroscopy and imaging data. Currently, she is working on harmonisation and standardisation of prostate multiparametric MRI and set-up of prostate Luminal water Imaging MRI in UK.