Matthew Clemence, PhD

Philips Healthcare
Senior Scientist

Dr Matthew Clemence is senior scientist with Philips Healthcare based in UK. Having gained a PhD in MRI hardware design from Nottingham University he then spent 15 years in academia moving to his current role providing scientific and technical consultancy to UK and global MRI communities. He regularly publishes in collaboration with scientific partners and specialises in novel acquisition methods, multi-nuclear, high field MRI and hardware. He is also part of the product development, support and advisory team for Philips Healthcare. He regularly presents on the interface between industry and academia as well as general MRI training and is available as a STEM ambassador.

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Introduction to machine learning and AI in the Healthcare and Imaging environment

Machine learning and AI methods are set to have a significant technological and social impact from both the patient and healthcare delivery specialists. This seminar will present both the historical context and an overview of the methods for non-specialists looking at how these techniques may impact MRI imaging, radiology and also touch upon the ethical questions which need to be addressed.