Professor Ian Marshall

University of Edinburgh

Ian began his professional career as a Medical Physicist with Lothian Health Board, working on the development of instrumentation for physiological research studies. During this period he was awarded a PhD for work on non-invasive measurement of airways using an acoustic technique. Since 1991, he has specialised in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, joining the University of Edinburgh in 1996 and being appointed Professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics in 2007. His research interests include the noninvasive measurement of blood flow and metabolism in the brain, particularly applied to neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases. He also works closely with signal processing experts in the development of methods for accelerating the acquisition of MRI.

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Developments in neuro MRI: more information, faster

MRI has traditionally been regarded as a versatile but ‘slow’ imaging methodology. Advances in computing power and algorithms are now addressing the speed issue, enabling collection of a wider range of clinically useful information in an acceptable examination time. The seminar will describe these developments in the context of neuroimaging applied to neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases.