Sandra Twardun

GE Healthcare

I ‘live the world of ultrasound’ after qualifying as a Radiographer and then Sonographer in the 1980’s. I currently work as a Lead Clinical Product Specialist for GE Healthcare with a current specialist interest in breast ultrasound setting up ultrasound systems for both clinical use and research.

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Invenia™ Automated Breast Ultrasound – ABUS Dense Breasts - Looking For Cancers

Dense breasts occur in around 40% of women and mammography alone may miss a third of cancers potentially delaying diagnosis. Both dense breast tissue and cancer appear as white on a mammogram, creating a camouflage effect and a dilemma for Radiologists whose goal is to find cancer as early as possible when they are more treatable. ABUS can personalise breast care and look for cancers in dense breasts differently.